Mass’querade: The Theory Of Everything.

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by Clifford G. Arnell, Particle Physics Engineer

The Newest and Greatest Breakthrough in Fundamental Physics in the last 100 Years!

For the students and Masters of Physics.

**About the Individual Photons that Compose ALL the sub-atomic Particles**

MASS’QUERADE: “THE Theory of Everything!” shows how everything in the Universe is based on the action of ‘Photons in nearly perpetual motion’. Amazingly, Mass’Querade explains the origin of the Electric charge AND the Magnetic AND Massive properties of ALL sub-atomic particles including the fractional charge of the Quarks for the first time anywhere! Equivalence and Gravity, as well as curving light are ALL EXPLAINED based on Photons in motion. Mass’Querade is truly the ‘Occam’s Razor‘ for the Standard Model.

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Let’s begin with the attributes of the Photon and show how they relate to the attributes of the Electron and all sub-atomic particles. Before we begin, though, the reader may wish to study the poster above and also look at the Teaser for the 48 Minute Documentary of “Mass’Querade: The Movie” as found at the following internet address.

Massquerade: The Movie ::::: Full Documentary Movie of Mass’Querade: The Theory of Everything.

In “Mass’Querade: The Movie”, you will hear the story about how Clifford G. Arnell, a thirty year old Electronics Engineer, was inspired to embark upon a search to explain the composition of the Electron. It was 1974 and Arnell was conversing with a fellow engineer about Electrons and Anti-Gravity when he looked down the hallway and suddenly had a ‘Flash of Inspiration’. Arnell mentally saw TWO tiny bright ‘comet-like’ beams of light come flying past and merging together to become entangled in a tiny buzzing ball. Arnell knew instantly he had seen an Electron being born! How it all began.

Kinetic E = 1·(½ MV²) :: Massive E = MC² :: Mass’Querade E = 2·(½ MC²)

This incredibly simple algebraic PROOF by “Mass’Querade: The Theory of Everything” revealed Einstein’s ‘Energy of Mass’, E = MC². is exactly equal to Newton’s Kinetic Energy; E = 2·(½ MC²)!

(NOTE: This is the first ever published explanation that Einstein’s ‘Energy’ is Newton’s pure Kinetic Energy found in the form of the axial pendulum motion of Photons while they remain in ‘nearly perpetual oscillation’ and travelling at the local (read relativistic) speed of light’ in a very tight orbit the diameter of the Electron!) This stands as PROOF that the revelation in “Arnell’s ‘Flash of Inspiration’ , and the manipulation of Dr. Einstein’s equation, both agree that there are TWO Massless bundles of pure Kinetic Energy, moving at the local Speed of Light in every Electron. We now know the composition of the Electron!

“Flash of Explanation explained! With this proof in place, the search for the explanation of how Photons can be used to make Negatively charged Electrons and Positively charged Positrons This led me down a very long, twisted, convoluted path that required dozens of breakthroughs that are all surprisingly supported by Physics experimentation and data. (Nothing new under the Sun, except the EXPLANATIONS seen in the new light of Mass’Querade.)

This is what an Electron might Look Like, if we could see one!

This is a FACT. There is an experiment of Physics showing the presence of TWO Photons in every Electron and every Positron.

There are thousands of recorded High-Energy Physics experiments that show the results of destructive annihilation of ‘massive’ particles with anti-particles. FOUR Photons are freed at the point of annihilation of an Electron with a Positron, that is, TWO from the Electron and TWO from the Positron, any TWO of which will readily combine to produce NEW Electrons because the escaping Photons are of the PRECISE Frequencies to combine. NO NEW or different PHOTONS will be created afresh or by combination as a result of the collision. Some Atomic nuclei that are bombarded with Neutrons release some of the precise compositional Photons, as predicted by Mass’Querade.. These precise Exa-Hz frequency Photons are called Gamma Rays. They come from the compositional Photons of the construction, like bricks from a brick building. The Gamma Rays were already in there. Photons are almost nearly infinitely survivable. Photons are released, not created, during the collisions of bombardment or annihilation! (Yes, infrared Photons are routinely absorbed, ONE AT A TIME, as heat which will eventually cause an Electron to jump to a higher energy orbit in an Atom, later to be released as visible light when the Electron jumps back down to a lower energy level. Think sparks and flames from a campfire…..)


Mass’querade: The Theory of Everything addresses and explains the known characteristics of Mass and Matter as well as finishing the Standard Model of sub-atomic particles and eliminates the Higgs Boson from the model. Mass’Querade explains the Charge of all Sub-Atomic particles including the fractional charges of the Quarks. Mass’Querade explains the source and nature of ‘Gravity’ in terms of Temporal Distortion. No other theory known to man can tie all of the Universal characteristics of Space, Time, Mass, and Gravity to the action of Photons. Mass’Querade does that! It is truly the “Theory of Everything!”


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Mass’Querade can be predicted to one day be accepted as the authority for explaining and completing the composition of the Standard Model of sub-Atomic particles with the tiny, Massless Photon given it’s rightful place at the top of the chart. Why? Because it answers all the questions left unanswered by historic and modern Physics! Gravity will be understood in it’s entirety and mankind will be enjoying the fruit in the form of Anti-Gravity. The cohesive forces of sub-atomic construction will finally be understood allowing the creation of any and all elements including the heaviest, still only predicted ones in the periodic table, and there will become known methods of producing mass and matter directly from their constituent Photons in low energy processes. Yes, we will actually make rocks and dirt WITHOUT HEAT, instead of having to dig and quarry them.

The references for all of the above mentioned Inventors, Experimenters, Authors and theoretical results are easily found using Wikipedia or simple search methods. Anyone serious enough to wonder, for instance, about Electron/Positron Annihilation or the relative Gravitational Density of Massive objects need only search it for themselves on the internet. You will find no information related to Mass’Querade except those web pages mentioned in this website and in the text of what has been written to fill this page. Clifford G. Arnell is the sole author and creator of Mass’Querade: The Theory of Everything and Mass’Querade: The Movie.

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