Mass’Querade: “The Theory of Everything”

Mass’Querade: The Theory of Everything

by Clifford G. Arnell, Particle Physics Engineer

The Newest and Greatest Breakthrough in Physics in the last 100 Years!

For the students and Masters of Physics.

**About the Individual Photons that Compose ALL the sub-atomic Particles**

MASS’QUERADE: “THE Theory of Everything!” shows how everything in the Universe is based on the action of ‘Photons in nearly perpetual motion’. Amazingly, Mass’Querade explains the origin of the Electric charge AND the Magnetic AND Massive properties of ALL sub-atomic particles including the fractional charge of the Quarks for the first time anywhere! Equivalence and Gravity, as well as curving light are ALL EXPLAINED based on Photons in motion. Mass’Querade is truly the ‘Occam’s Razor’ for the Standard Model.

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Let’s begin with the attributes of the Photon and show how they relate to the attributes of the Electron and all sub-atomic particles. Before we begin, though, the reader may wish to study the poster above and also look at the teaser for the 48 Minute Documentary of “Mass’Querade: The Movie” as found at the following internet address.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0kPK8FNDms ::::: Mass’Querade Teaser

In “Massquerade: The Movie”, you will hear the story about how Clifford G. Arnell, a thirty year old Electronics Engineer, was inspired to embark upon a search to explain the composition of the Electron. It was 1974 and Arnell was conversing with a fellow engineer about Electrons and Anti-Gravity when he looked down the hallway and suddenly had a ‘Flash of Inspiration’. Arnell mentally saw TWO tiny bright ‘comet-like’ beams of light come flying past and merging together to become entangled in a tiny buzzing ball. Arnell knew instantly he had seen an Electron being born! This became the first step in 40 long years of research to explain this visual composition of the Electron using TWO Photons with the combined, Very High Frequency Energy equal to the mass of the Electron as his ‘flash of inspiration’ indicated. At first, there was very little information available. Library research was archaic, complicated, and failed to provide a fraction of the details Arnell was hoping to find that might provide the basis for the explanation of ‘The Flash’.

Some Twenty five to thirty years later, the required information related to each characteristic of the Electron could be found on the Internet! Arnell’s Engineering background in Electronics made it possible to see how each of the basic characteristics of the Photon could be bestowed upon the Electron. Charge, Mass, Magnetism, All the related facts and data became available to the common man in the form of Wikipedia and Internet searching to finally be able to prove the validity of Arnell’s “Flash of Inspiration”. He finally had the resources and a debt of gratitude to those who have dedicated themselves to providing the endless resource of articles about the world as we know it which he used to prove there were TWO energetic entities coming together to make an Electron. (See Wikipedia story about Aaron Swartz who set the locked up knowledge free.)

This free Internet allowed the needed access to the information required by this researcher to develop “Mass’Querade: The Theory of Everything”! There are volumes and volumes of Physics Experiments presently available, for free, along with the interpreted results of those experiments. Arnell could see how Mass’Querade could use the existing experimental data available to finally explain the entire composition of the Electron and all the rest of the sub-atomic particles in a way that no other theory had ever done!

After months, yes even years, the research into the characteristics of Photons in motion became clear enough to find a way to re-evaluate these results and determine ALL of the exact forces at work when Photons Oscillate at a precise, Extremely High frequency AND how they can be confined to a very tiny space the size of an Electron to orbit in a very strange manner such as to produce all the characteristics of the Electron. Amazingly, EVERYTHING about the Electron became explainable.

(Changing to first person) I looked for a way to prove from existing data and experiments that my ‘Flash of Inspiration’ might be true. The first breakthrough I experienced was in finding a way to show that the ‘E’ in Dr. Einstein’s world famous equation was actually Kinetic Energy possessed as the Innate Energy of TWO Photons. This Energy, most often thought to be ‘Atomic Energy’ had never been DIRECTLY ATTRIBUTED TO THE Energy of the PHOTONS that are seen escaping when Electrons annihilate Positrons.

It was a moment of glee when I came to realize that the first step in understanding the Mass of the Electron was found, not in the data or other available information, but from close EXAMINATION of one of the most famous equations in all of Science AND A COMPARISON to the work of another very famous Scientist of old, Sir Isaac Newton. Was I the first to do this? Possibly, because I was the first to explore the possibility that the Electron was composed of TWO PHOTONS. Mass’Querade verifys this requirement, and the results of high energy annihilations verify it.

This comparison and my ‘Flash of Inspiration’ led to a surprisingly simple algebraic manipulation that would change what is arguably the most famous equation of all time: E = MC² (Dare we change Einstein?) and PROVES that there are TWO Photons in every Electron. When ‘his’ famous equation was multiplied by 2·(½) (the equivalent of multiplying by one; no apologies necessary to the good Doctor), We instantly see a new way of looking at Dr. Einstein’s E = MC², AND… get the first look at Arnell’s version of the Energy of Mass: E = 2·(½ MC²). With this ‘NEW’, less-reduced, equation, we see that: E = 2·(½ MC²), is of the ‘plural’ form of the Kinetic Energy Equation of Sir Isaac Newton: E = 1·(½ MV²). If V is set equal to C and then multiplied by TWO, Newton’s equation becomes Einstein’s equation. Voila! Multiplying by 2·(½), made it very easy to see how TWO bundles of pure Kinetic Energy, each travelling at the local Speed of Light and oscillating at over 60 Exahertz, was the Energy of Mass that had made Einstein famous. It also showed that Mass and Matter will only last as long as the TWO bundles of Kinetic Energy known as Photons ‘stay alive’.

(The death or frequency decay of the oscillations OR the orbiting of either Photon composing a particle will result in the death of the ‘Massless Blackhole’ created by the Photons in the particle and the decayed Photon will no longer be useful to re-make another Sub-Atomic Particle. )

In particle physics, Mass’Querade provides a Simplified Standard Model that does NOT include the same particles or fragments thereof at Higher Energies as those are simply more energetic versions of the same particles in the New Standard Model with the same composition. High Energy particles created in colliders such as the Pion are composed of the fragments of collisions and, like parts from a wrecked car, have no value in the real world. For instance, the Pion is composed of TWO accelerated Quarks and immediately falls apart after the collision that freed the loosely coupled from a Proton or Neutron. The ‘new’ particles are simply fragments of the original particles and will eventually decay like any other Quark into its constituent Gamma Rays of ExaHz Photons.

For energy in the form of Photons to exhibit the characteristic mass of a particle, there must be at least two Photons in binary or trinary orbit to form a Massless Blackhole between them. (This is a Tenet of Mass’Querade).

Let’s get back to that discussion of E = 2·(½ MC²)

Kinetic E = 1·(½ MV²) :: Massive E = MC² :: Mass’Querade E = 2·(½ MC²)

We now have a very clear picture of the exact Energy, ‘E’ , That Dr. Einstein propounded.

This algebraic PROOF by “Mass’Querade: The Theory of Everything” revealed Einstein’s ‘Energy of Mass’, E = MC². is exactly equal to Newton’s Kinetic Energy; E = 2·(½ MC²)!

(NOTE: This is the first ever published explanation that Einstein’s ‘Energy’ is Newton’s pure Kinetic Energy found in the form of the axial pendulum motion of Photons while they remain in ‘nearly perpetual oscillation’ and travelling at the local (read relativistic) speed of light’ in a very tight orbit the diameter of the Electron!) This stands as PROOF that the revelation in “Arnell’s ‘Flash of Inspiration’ , and the manipulation of Dr. Einstein’s equation, both agree that there are TWO Massless bundles of pure Kinetic Energy, moving at the local Speed of Light in every Electron. We now know the composition of the Electron!

“Flash of Explanation explained! With this proof in place, the search for the explanation of how Photons can be used to make Negatively charged Electrons and Positively charged Positrons This led me down a very long, twisted, convoluted path that required dozens of breakthroughs that are all surprisingly supported by Physics experimentation and data. (Nothing new under the Sun, except the EXPLANATIONS seen in the new light of Mass’Querade.)

This is what an Electron might Look Like, if we could see one!

We will see, in Mass’Querade: The Theory of Everything”, that ALL ‘Gravitational fields’ are generated by Photons in CURVING motion. We will also see that the ‘Mass’ of an Electron is attributable to the ORBITAL Motion of its Compositional Photons and not the Higgs Boson and is why EVERY sub-atomic particle is provided with Mass by their compositional Photons in motion. Some men of science have mentioned the idea that the Electron is just a ‘sort of Photon, perhaps even in ‘some kind of orbit’ BUT there has never been a viable ANSWER that can show HOW this might be NOR how the Electron becomes a ‘Massive, Negatively charged Particle. Mass’Querade is the first theory that brings this answer to light.

Mass’Querade explains that an Electron does not consist of TWO Photons merely locked in binary orbit. The entanglement of TWO Very High Frequency, 60ExaHertz Photons is, in fact, a wonder of Photonic energy in convoluted, twisting, rotating, orbital, motion. Mass’Querade explains using the facts of Physics, how Photons can be used to produce the Electric Field, the Magnetic Properties and yes, EVEN THE apparent MASS of the Electron which is endowed with it’s OWN ‘Massive’ GRAVITY! In fact, ALL ‘Gravitational Fields’ are the result of Photons in curving motion producing distortions in the TIME it takes other Photons to pass through from the tiniest Electron to the largest Blackhole anywhere.

To produce The Theory of Mass’Querade required an extensive, imaginative, understanding of the Characteristics of the Electron and the Photon. The Mathematics of the Photon as first laid out by James Clerk Maxwell, who In 1862 wrote, “We can scarcely avoid the inference that light consists in the traverse undulations of the same medium which is the cause of electric and magnetic phenomena.”These ‘transverse undulations’ are actually produced by the TRANSVERSE OSCILLATIONS of a VERTICAL AXIS PENDULUM MOVING AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT© AND can be used to produce the most likely construction of the Photon as it was extracted from Maxwell’s own words.

We must be imaginative because Photons have NO MASS. They don’t exist as particles. Our imagination must be guided by the KNOWN CHARACTERISTICS of the Photon thanks to Maxwell. While no one will ever see a Photon, we do KNOW they touch our Atomic structures as ‘light’ and are partially blocked by our bones as X-rays pass through them. It takes Gamma Rays, even Higher Energy Photons than X-rays, to compose an Electron. Let’s look some more at the characteristics of the Photon.

This is what a PHOTON might look like, if we could see one! MassQuerade: The Movie.

Early Arnell Graphic Depiction of a Photon.

VECTOR Vs SCALER. A single Photon IS NOT A WAVE. What has been depicted as a Photon is only showing a wave representation of the Amplitude change of the Electric Field and the Amplitude of the Magnetic Scaler of the photon as it moves through Space at the local Speed of Light.

The true depiction of the Photon should be exactly as one would depict the Potential and Kinetic energy of those components of a vertical axis pendulum, showing the ANGLE of rotation produced as a TWIST IN TIME by the Transverse, Axially Oscillating, Torsion Pendulum‘. When TIME is twisted the tightest by the pendulum, ALL OF THE ENERGY OF THE PHOTON is in the form of POTENTIAL ENERGY bound up in twisted TIME with maximum voltage and Magnetism. When this twisting action ‘untwists’ as the pendulum returns and passes through zero twist at mid-cycle, ALL OF THE PHOTON’S ENERGY is found in the form of Kinetic Energy of motion of the actual medium of TIME in which the pendulum is twisting . The twists of TIME are like the torques of a solid metal axle of a vertical axis pendulum. (Read this paragraph again and look at the “Early Arnell Graphic Depiction of a Photon, above”)

CORRECTED Classical WAVE depiction of a ‘Photon’

This ‘classical depiction’ of the Photon HAS BEEN CORRECTED TO SHOW the potential Energy the Photonic Pendulum possesses in the form of transverse rotation which Maxwell derived MATHEMATICALLY, with feather quill and candle light, because the classic depictions of Maxwell’s Mathematics have ignored the preservation of ENERGY. PHOTONIC Energy is typically shown when the classic waveform shows BOTH the Electric VECTOR and the Magnetic SCALER are IN PHASE, Which IS correct… meaning they both swell to full amplitude AT THE SAME TIME. They also are ZERO at the same time. This implies the Photon’s Energy could be ZERO at two points in the oscillatory graphic of the Photon. (Some recent YouTube presentation have redefined Maxwell and this Photon Wave diagram to fix the missing energy by changing the phase relationship of the E to the M fields to try to explain The MISSING ENERGY DEPICTION.) But, the missing waveform is actually a COSINE of the Energy of the Electric and Magnetic potential Energy and depicts the Kinetic Energy of Rotation of the Transverse Pendulum just like the energy of a swinging pendulum is ALL Kinetic at mid swing and is maximum when the E and M are Zero. In this classic graphic of the Photon as depicted for the last one hundred years or so, you can see the Electric and Magnetic ‘fields’ depicted as growing and shrinking simultaneously as the ‘invisible’ Photon is imagined to be moving along the black lint of Time while offering no idea of what the two fields might look like in empty space.

I added the cosine vector of “Timeflex Kinetic Energy” to show that the Energy of Rotation of the Photon can be found at the time in it’s ROTATION ON ITS AXIS, NOT its point of TRAVEL in space, when E and M are both 0.0, the “Timeflex Kinetic Energy”, the cosine of the sinusoidal waves, is 1.0. This is an Arnell addition to account for the not so obviously missing Energy in the original graphic. This correction completes the ENERGY depiction of the Photon by concluding the Photon is actually a vertical axis pendulum.


Let’s consider some of the many more things that are included in Mass’Querade and that are related to Photons in general.

Each single Photon is ‘totally unaware’ of every other Photon.

Unlike molecules of water in a wave which push against other neighboring molecules, Photons do nothing to adjacent Photons. Each Photon is totally devoid of any direct, one-on-one connection to any other Photon. HOWEVER; Any curving Photon can produce a ripple of change or compression in TIME as it curves through a given Space, the change of which can affect ALL OTHER PHOTONS passing through the space where the Time has been altered. THIS IS HOW PHOTONS REACT WITH OTHER PHOTONS. This idea is self-evidentiary and already explained by the fact that the Rotation of Photons in every tiny bit of sub-atomic matter in the Sun PRODUCES the Gravitational field that bends the path of every Photon that tranverses through the gravitational field produced by all the Photons within curving orbits within each sub-atomic particle of the Sun.

Equivalence is simple to understand based on the tenets of Mass’Querade. IF a Gravitational field of a massive body is produced by rotating Photons within the body then any other massive body, due to the rotating Photons within the other body reacts at the sub-atomic level by moving toward the body creating the initial Gravitational field. Every molecule of a massive body moves toward the Earth if it is the major local contributory of a Gravitational Field extending out past the surface of the Earth. Momentum exists because each rotating Photon is reluctant to have its orbit changed in the direction of a given Gravitational Field.

Further, every Twist of TIME produced by the oscillations of a Photon produce extended Electric Fields in TIME. This very twisting action of TIME by the Photon can be sensed by other Photons, result in entanglement AND, by rotation, produce a repulsive or attractive field in space to provied an attraction or repulsion between any given two sub-atomic particles.

Photon emission can be synchronized AS FROM A LASER, but an emitted burst of Photons never shows any impetus to get in sync nor alignment with any other emitted Photons Nor will any two Photons ever join up to become a single Photon. Focusing requires some sort of lens that can only approximate better alignment and higher directional symmetry.

As for Photon entanglement, one with another, it can only happen by a warp in TIME produced by one Photon affecting the momentum of other Photons. It is this co-entanglement that allows Electrons and Quarks to create a common center of gravity, a Massless Blackhole, around which both, or all three PHOTONS can rotate.

There is infinitesimally minimal diminishment of the Kinetic Energy of Oscillation of a Photon over time.

The best evidence of this minimal diminisment is Red-Shift observed for light travelling great distances due to a NEARLY INFINITELY LOW RELUCTANCE to the passage of light through Space. This could mean all Photons WILL EVENTUALLY DIE AFTER WEARING down in frequency by pushing against the reluctance that limits their passage to the local Speed of Light. The Energy lost is measured by Planck’s constant: F=E/h. When Energy is lost, F will be reduced. It is the reluctance of free space that is the REASON WHY LIGHT HAS A SPEED LIMIT AND WHY EVERY PHOTON WILL EVENTUALLY RUN OUT OF ENERGY.


There is NO MASS, NO MATTER. “Reality is Merely and Illusion”.

Dr. Albert Einstein said, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.” Pure Kinetic Energy is Illusory AND Non-Massive but has a positive effect on ‘reality’ and a way to affect those things we perceive as ‘Real’. Even though a Photon is NOT REAL and has no Mass, it has a Quantum of Kinetic Energy: E = h · F, where ‘h’ is Planck’s Constant and ‘F’ is the frequency of the Photon’s energetic, axially oscillating, center of Energy, not TO BE CONFUSED WITH it’s speed of travel through ‘Free Space’.

When a Photon is slowed in its travels due to a Higher density of Gravitational Field, it does NOT LOSE ENERGY. Even though, compared to rectilinear Space, the inner edge of a Photon curving around the Sun will experience a shorter path of travel than the outer edge and yet the Photons curving path allows both edges to exit the suns Gravitational field with no deceleration OR loss of energy! This is the same reason The TWO Photons composing the Electron follow a very, multi-rotational, convoluted orbit opposite each other at the local Speed of Light, while each Photon oscillates at the same, precise 60 ExaHertz* required to provide One-half the Energy equivalent of the mass of the Electron and yet do not die due to what would normally be called Deceleration. It is the speed of travel of the Photons composing the Electron that are slowed in Rectilinear Space and yet no speed is lost by the Photons, NOR is THE SPEED OF OSCILLATION, THE FREQUENCY, which represents the ENERGY of the Photons WILL BE OBSERVED TO ADJUST TO ANY LOCAL CHANGE IN THE SPEED OF LIGHT CREATED BY BENDING PHOTONS. This is Relativity at it’s finest.

NOTE: *IT’s handy to just say 60 ExaHertz rather than the actual frequency, computed to the nearest 4 digits and using the local speed of light near the surface of the Earth as that’s where all the known masses and diameters have been measured.*

There must be TWO “60ExaHertz, EXTRA HIGH FREQUENCY Photons” to provide the combined energy (0.511 MeV) equal to the Mass of the Electron. Each of the TWO Photons composing the Electron has an E = h · F equal to one-half the Rest Mass-Equivalent of the Electron. Think 2·(½MC² ). Again, the Energy of the Photon is provided by its ‘Frequency of oscillation, ‘F’, not the speed of its passage through free space. Question: Do we need to know where these Exa-Hz Photons, these so-called Cosmic Rays, come from? Actually WE DO NOT! But…..

We DO KNOW the Photons composing the Electrons DO EXIST. This FACT provides PROOF POSITIVE that Sufficient quantities of High Frequency Photons HAVE BEEN PRODUCED to provide the composition of ALL Electrons AND ALL OTHER Sub-Atomic Particle in the Entire Universe! Mass’Querade offers no natural source for the Photons required IN PAIRS for the composition of each and every Electron or the THREE Photons of different energies required to make even ONE QUARK. Current known X-Ray sources ONLY RELEASE, already existing Photons in the frequency of Xrays. Simply said, the supposed ‘Big Bang’ would have produced very few useable Photons to combine into all of Mass or Matter of the Universe. THAT IS WHY It is this authors conclusion based on the facts of Mass’Querade that the ‘Big Bang’ never happened. There must be a way to directly produce the Photons required for all the mass of the Universe.

…CONSIDER why the ‘Big Bang’ never happened…

There was NO Explosion of Energy NOR any infinitely packed singularity of mass or matter that could have possibly produced Photons at the precisely required Frequency/Energy levels to make all the Mass of the Universe. NO BIG BANG we know of or can imagine would have done anything more than free the Photons with their, already existing, precise Photonic energy. Such a ‘bang’ COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED TO CREATE the extra-hyper-voluminous quantities of the PRECISE, Extremely High Frequency, 60 ExaHertz PHOTONS required IN PAIRS to become entangled in a manner such as to create the near infinite quantities of NEW Electrons that presently exist in the entire Universe. Clearly, if there was ever a ‘Big Bang’ somewhere near the center of the Universe, the constituent release of ‘Energy’ would not have been in useable Photons to generate Mass OR Matter as we know it. The Big Bang theory only persists because of a lack of understanding of the composition of matter. The Standard Table should have been completed long ago.. but lacked the explanation of the composition of Mass and Matter as provided by Mass’Querade utilizing Precise, High Energy Photons to create Mass.

*** Let’s LOOK a little closer AT SOME OF THE NUMBERS related to this problem. ***

In the first ATOM that requires a Proton AND then larger Atoms that require Neutrons as well, we find a requirement for TWO PRECISE PHOTONS for each Electron, Nine PRECISE PHOTONS to make each PROTON and Eleven PRECISE Photons to make each NEUTRON. PRECISE! Remember: Photons never change Frequency except due to reluctance of empty space. If the Photons weren’t right to begin with, they would never become perfect for the composition. It’s that simple! It IS Actually MUCH More than a little complicated to make ONE Hydrogen Atom which has been thought to be a simple, spontaneous step in the creation of all matter.

Now consider just one step from Hydrogen on the periodic chart is Helium. Easy to make Helium, Right? Stars thrive on Hydrogen turning it by heat and pressure into Helium, RIGHT? But.. doesn’t Helium have TWO NEUTRONS as Well AS the equivalent of TWO Hydrogen ATOMS! WHERE DO THOSE NEUTRONS AUTOMATICALLY COME FROM??? Nothing about the Massive composition of Helium is at all SIMPLE! A bigger problem: Two Neutrons cannot automatically come from any of the Quarks in the nucleus of the Hydrogen Atoms. THEY AREN’T THE RIGHT FREQUENCY TO FORM THE QUARKS IN A NEUTRON! It is NOT POSSIBLE to mix Photons of any frequency to produce a new frequency as would be assumed to happen in a ‘big bang’ scenario. Let’s make the natural creation of heavier atoms even more impossible!

You see the problem? When you start with nothing but PHOTONS, YOU WILL NEVER GET EVEN ONE SUB-ATOMIC particle to form naturally!

Consider the requirement for ONE ATOM OF GOLD. Gold has 79 Electrons, 79 Protons, and 118 NEUTRONS to produce the Atomic Weight of 79 + 118 = 197. A Proton or a Neutron each requires THREE DIFFERENT Quarks. Each Quark requires THREE DIFFERENT PHOTONS. The Quarks in the Proton are DIFFERENT from the Quarks in the Neutron. IT takes 79×2 precise Photons for the Electrons, 79 x 3 x 3 precise YET DIFFERENT Photons for each PROTON and 118 x 3 x 3 Quark Photons AND 118 x 2 DIFFERENT Photons to make each Neutron. Complicated in the EXTREME! SO… OVER 2000 precise YET DIFFERENT Photons for EACH GOLD ATOM.

A lot of people will deny Mass’Querade because of the STRICT REQUIREMENTS, rules and limits that forbid the natural creation of even one Electron but remember! High Energy Physics Experiments has already seen Photons of precisely the right frequency emerge from an Electron/Positron annihilation! No denying it, Those free Photons would have never become an Electron in a natural manner.

Now then, Think about what has to happen to make ONE ATOM of Gold. Can we start with two smaller ATOMS as the Alchemist hoped to do? NOPE! You gotta go straight for the Gold! Aint no free Gold.” Major Complicated, BEYOND Olympic Gymnastics Complicated!

There are 8.43·E+22 atoms in ONE OUNCE OF GOLD… So, 8.43·E+22 x 2000 equal 1.686·E26 Photons of the EXACT frequencies to Create ONE OUNCE of Gold. ALL PHOTONS, theorized by some to be produced by a ‘Big Bang’, would simply scatter without ever being useable to create Mass or Matter BECAUSE Photons DO NOT change their Frequencies nor do they ever stop flying at the local Speed of Light. Gone in a FLASH! Where did all the Gold we have mined and hoarded come from? The correct answer? It all came DIRECTLY from 2000+ Photons PER ATOM. Not from somewhere in some Star that blew up, not from the Big Bang.. Each ATOM was BUILT instantaneously by a process we can only label as a miracle. Exploding Stars don’t make GOLD in any manner that could have provided the Gold the Incas had, or Solomon. Gold is made directly from Photons.

Another question: What would be the nature of *something blowing up and departing at the speed of light in all directions that could somehow later become the new Electrons, Quarks, Protons and Neutrons in the Universe as Mass’Querade shows their composition to be? If not pure Photons then it would have to be the existing sub-atomic particles which have no impetus whatsoever to ever become actual the SUB-ATOMIC particles to be used to make Atoms and finally molecules. See the problem? Can any explosion of any magnitude actually produce a perfectly organized SPIRAL GALAXY??? THINK ABOUT IT!! If that doesn’t boggle your mind, Ask yourself, “Where did the empty space come from that all this is supposed to happen in? Why does empty space have the required ‘reluctance’, to allow the passage of Photons through it. Where does this kind of ‘darkness’ come from?

Could Big Bang Photon production produce all the Mass in the Universe? The answer is NO! There is ONLY ONE a few ways we know of to even produce Photons. Rip off an existing Electron and blow it up, OR PUT ELECTRONS IN MOTION AND THEN STOP THEM so they give up their Kinetic Energy in an Antenna or let Electrons jump from one Quantum mass energy level to another in a sudden release of Energy. These Photons can be X-Rays… (short for Exa) but will not be high enough in frequency to ever be used to create another Electron. Electrons in higher energy orbits usually emit a Photon of visible light or heat some FIVE ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE lower than the energy of an Electron when the Electrons drops back down to a lower level. Nothing near 60 ExaHertz. The Energy to make an Electron climb to the next energy step is ‘nothing compared to the Energy of the Electron.

Interestingly, Another fact about Photons. It takes ONE entire string of Electrons in motion in an Antenna to create the Electro-Magnetic field that will become ONE Photon of the wavelength associated with the length of the antenna when the motion of the Electrons in a ‘stack’ in the Antenna ceases when the farthest Electron reaches the end of the antenna.

A good exercise for the science majors… Calculate the length of the antenna that will produce a Gamma Ray of 60 ExaHertz, The frequency required to make more Electrons and compare it to the diameter of the Electron if you want to see how far an Electron would have to move and then stop in free space to produce one Photon. Remember a di-pole is half the wave-length of the Photon that might be produced.

This is a FACT. There is an experiment of Physics showing the presence of TWO Photons in every Electron and Positron.

There are thousands of recorded High-Energy Physics experiments that show the results of destructive annihilation of ‘massive’ particles with anti-particles. FOUR Photons are freed at the point of annihilation of an Electron with a Positron, that is, TWO from the Electron and TWO from the Positron, any TWO of which will readily combine to produce NEW Electrons because the escaping Photons are of the PRECISE Frequencies to combine. NO NEW or different PHOTONS will be created afresh or by combination as a result of the collision. Some Atomic nuclei that are bombarded with Neutrons release some of the precise compositional Photons, as predicted by Mass’Querade.. These precise Exa-Hz frequency Photons are called Gamma Rays. They come from the compositional Photons of the construction, like bricks from a brick building. The Gamma Rays were already in there. Photons are almost nearly infinitely survivable. Photons are released, not created, during the collisions of bombardment or annihilation! (Yes, infrared Photons are routinely absorbed, ONE AT A TIME, as heat which will eventually cause an Electron to jump to a higher energy orbit in an Atom, later to be released as visible light when the Electron jumps back down to a lower energy level. Think sparks and flames from a campfire…..)


Mass’querade: The Theory of Everything addresses and explains the known characteristics of Mass and Matter as well as finishing the Standard Model of sub-atomic particles and eliminates the Higgs Boson from the model. Mass’Querade explains the Charge of all Sub-Atomic particles including the fractional charges of the Quarks. Mass’Querade explains the source and nature of ‘Gravity’ in terms of Temporal Distortion. No other theory known to man can tie all of the Universal characteristics of Space, Time, Mass, and Gravity to the action of Photons. Mass’Querade does that! It is truly the “Theory of Everything!”


Follow the links below to view the Teaser of “Mass’Querade: The Movie” or follow the second link to view and participate in the Kickstart, crowd funding for the “Movie”.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0kPK8FNDms ::::: The Teaser

OR https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cga2020/massquerade-the-movie ::::: The Project
The Kickstarter Project kicked off in Jan 2021 and was fully funded by January 28, 2021. “Mass’querade: The Movie” has been distributed to all the campaign supporters and is ready to become Video On Demand at any of the major VOD suppliers such as Netflix, Amazon and HULU. This will finally make the NEW and Elegant Theory of Everything available to the masses. The Movie is now on Youtube (private) to anyone who chooses to join the Kickstarter Project.

Just an observation. I can see the minds of those who have spent a lifetime believing everything that has been written about the Big Bang who will feel an outright rejection of a NEW Theory that denies the Big Bang ever happened. They will do this (and have done it) without even bothering to actually look at the details of Mass’Querade. Don’t be one of them! It takes time for a different way of looking at a known set of facts to bring about change. It took 13 Years for Science to ‘Prove’ what Dr. Einstein proved mathematically to support General Relativity. It’s not that they were slow, its’s just they were steeped in all the traditions of NEWTONIAN Physics and refused to believe the Good Doctor. Will that happen to a lot of todays Quantum Physicists? Of Course! Clearly, most Physics Experimentation in the last fifty years has not been concerned with the actual composition of Sub-Atomic Particle family, though they are still hyper energizing particles and smashing them into each other. Their tendency has been to reject the HARD EVIDENCE that the Escaping Photons are all they will ever get out of any particle. Without recognizing the significance of the results predicted by Mass’Querade, they still want to build yet another, bigger collider? TOTALLY UNNEEDED! Let’s put those imaginations to work finding the Anti-Gravity that Mass’Querade so clearly explains.

Mass’Querade can be predicted to one day be accepted as the authority for explaining and completing the composition of the Standard Model of sub-Atomic particles with the tiny, Massless Photon given it’s rightful place at the top of the chart. Why? Because it answers all the questions left unanswered by historic and modern Physics! Gravity will be understood in it’s entirety and mankind will be enjoying the fruit in the form of Anti-Gravity. The cohesive forces of sub-atomic construction will finally be understood allowing the creation of any and all elements including the heaviest, still only predicted ones in the periodic table, and there will become known methods of producing mass and matter directly from their constituent Photons in low energy processes. Yes, we will actually make rocks and dirt WITHOUT HEAT, instead of having to dig and quarry them.

The references for all of the above mentioned Inventors, Experimenters, Authors and theoretical results are easily found using Wikipedia or simple search methods. Anyone serious enough to wonder, for instance, about Electron/Positron Annihilation or the relative Gravitational Density of Massive objects need only search it for themselves on the internet. You will find no information related to Mass’Querade except those web pages mentioned in this website and in the text of what has been written to fill this page. Clifford G. Arnell is the sole author and creator of Mass’Querade: The Theory of Everything and Mass’Querade: The Movie.

Copyright, 2021, Clifford G. Arnell… ALL RIGHTS RESERVERED. Permission is required to reproduce or digitally copy any or all of the material found in this web page. Thank you.

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Clifford G. Arnell Project creator IC-Design Engineer, Physicist, Inventor, Musician, Floodmud! Theorist,
‘Orba-Campaigner’, Home builder, Wind Charger Experimentalist, and Ex Lumber Jack.
I began my ‘technical
life’ in 1957 when i saw my first electronics manuals. I devoured them. I loved my science classes. I read
ALL of the Science Fiction books in the library. Encyclopedias became my best friend. After High School, I
attended Colorado State University over the next two years. My education was completed with a two-year
electronics program paid for by the U.S. Government. After graduation, I was offered a job in research at
Texas Instruments in Dallas. I built electronic breadboards for the engineers. I designed Fortran programs
to predict and plot Electron flow in transistors. These programs became the tools of the trade and were
used by the engineers to design some of the first ‘chips’ at TI. I knew how to use them and created better
ones to use in my first Engineering job.
I left TI, and was hired to do Engineering Design for another
company where I designed and build the first 256 Bit memory in the world. It flew in the DC-10 flight control
computer. For years I designed ‘chips’ used in the digital world, to help cellphones communicate,
computers compute, and memories remember. After ten years in the Electronics business, I went out on my
own, participating and consulting for another twenty years in the business while transistor counts grew into
the millions like Atoms in living things. I never knew what an Electron was or how it was made but I couldn’t
forget the day, when something amazing happened.
In 1974, I was standing in a hallway with a fellow
engineer talking about Electrons and Anti-gravity when suddenly, I saw In my mind’s eye, two single
Photons of light diving together and buzzing around each other in the form of a tiny ball. I knew at once I
was looking at an Electron…in a whole new way. The idea that would become Mass’querade was born.

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