How It All Began

In “Mass’Querade: The Movie”, you will hear the story about how Clifford G. Arnell, a thirty year old Electronics Engineer, was inspired to embark upon a search to explain the composition of the Electron. It was 1974 and Arnell was conversing with a fellow engineer about Electrons and Anti-Gravity when he looked down the hallway and suddenly had a ‘Flash of Inspiration’. Arnell mentally saw TWO tiny bright ‘comet-like’ beams of light come flying past and merging together to become entangled in a tiny buzzing ball. Arnell knew instantly he had seen an Electron being born! This became the first step in 40 long years of research to explain this visual composition of the Electron using TWO Photons with the combined, Very High Frequency Energy equal to the mass of the Electron as his ‘flash of inspiration’ indicated. At first, there was very little information available. Library research was archaic, complicated, and failed to provide a fraction of the details Arnell was hoping to find that might provide the basis for the explanation of ‘The Flash’.

Some Twenty five to thirty years later, the required information related to each characteristic of the Electron could be found on the Internet! Arnell’s Engineering background in Electronics made it possible to see how each of the basic characteristics of the Photon could be bestowed upon the Electron. Charge, Mass, Magnetism, All the related facts and data became available to the common man in the form of Wikipedia and Internet searching to finally be able to prove the validity of Arnell’s “Flash of Inspiration”. He finally had the resources and a debt of gratitude to those who have dedicated themselves to providing the endless resource of articles about the world as we know it which he used to prove there were TWO energetic entities coming together to make an Electron. (See Wikipedia story about Aaron Swartz who set the locked up knowledge free.)

This free Internet allowed the needed access to the information required by this researcher to develop “Mass’Querade: The Theory of Everything”! There are volumes and volumes of Physics Experiments presently available, for free, along with the interpreted results of those experiments. Arnell could see how Mass’Querade could use the existing experimental data available to finally explain the entire composition of the Electron and all the rest of the sub-atomic particles in a way that no other theory had ever done!

After months, yes even years, the research into the characteristics of Photons in motion became clear enough to find a way to re-evaluate these results and determine ALL of the exact forces at work when Photons Oscillate at a precise, Extremely High frequency AND how they can be confined to a very tiny space the size of an Electron to orbit in a very strange manner such as to produce all the characteristics of the Electron. Amazingly, EVERYTHING about the Electron became explainable.

(Changing to first person) I looked for a way to prove from existing data and experiments that my ‘Flash of Inspiration’ might be true. The first breakthrough I experienced was in finding a way to show that the ‘E’ in Dr. Einstein’s world famous equation was actually Kinetic Energy possessed as the Innate Energy of TWO Photons. This Energy, most often thought to be ‘Atomic Energy’ had never been DIRECTLY ATTRIBUTED TO THE Energy of the PHOTONS that are seen escaping when Electrons annihilate Positrons.

It was a moment of glee when I came to realize that the first step in understanding the Mass of the Electron was found, not in the data or other available information, but from close EXAMINATION of one of the most famous equations in all of Science AND A COMPARISON to the work of another very famous Scientist of old, Sir Isaac Newton. Was I the first to do this? Possibly, because I was the first to explore the possibility that the Electron was composed of TWO PHOTONS. Mass’Querade verifys this requirement, and the results of high energy annihilations verify it.

This comparison and my ‘Flash of Inspiration’ led to a surprisingly simple algebraic manipulation that would change what is arguably the most famous equation of all time: E = MC² (Dare we change Einstein?) and PROVES that there are TWO Photons in every Electron. When ‘his’ famous equation was multiplied by 2·(½) (the equivalent of multiplying by one; no apologies necessary to the good Doctor), We instantly see a new way of looking at Dr. Einstein’s E = MC², AND… get the first look at Arnell’s version of the Energy of Mass: E = 2·(½ MC²). With this ‘NEW’, less-reduced, equation, we see that: E = 2·(½ MC²), is of the ‘plural’ form of the Kinetic Energy Equation of Sir Isaac Newton: E = 1·(½ MV²). If V is set equal to C and then multiplied by TWO, Newton’s equation becomes Einstein’s equation. Voila! Multiplying by 2·(½), made it very easy to see how TWO bundles of pure Kinetic Energy, each travelling at the local Speed of Light and oscillating at over 60 Exahertz, was the Energy of Mass that had made Einstein famous. It also showed that Mass and Matter will only last as long as the TWO bundles of Kinetic Energy known as Photons ‘stay alive’.

(The death or frequency decay of the oscillations OR the orbiting of either Photon composing a particle will result in the death of the ‘Massless Blackhole’ created by the Photons in the particle and the decayed Photon will no longer be useful to re-make another Sub-Atomic Particle. )

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