Clifford G. Arnell

Clifford G. Arnell Project creator IC-Design Engineer, Physicist, Inventor, Musician, Floodmud! Theorist, ‘Orba-Campaigner’, Home builder, Wind Charger Experimentalist, and Ex Lumber Jack.

I began my ‘technical life’ in 1957 when i saw my first electronics manuals. I devoured them. I loved my science classes. I read ALL of the Science Fiction books in the library. Encyclopedias became my best friend. After High School, I attended Colorado State University over the next two years. My education was completed with a two-year electronics program paid for by the U.S. Government.

After graduation, I was offered a job in research at Texas Instruments in Dallas. I built electronic breadboards for the engineers. I designed Fortran programs to predict and plot Electron flow in transistors. These programs became the tools of the trade and were used by the engineers to design some of the first ‘chips’ at TI. I knew how to use them and created better ones to use in my first Engineering job.

I left TI, and was hired to do Engineering Design for another company where I designed and build the first 256 Bit memory in the world. It flew in the DC-10 flight control computer. For years I designed ‘chips’ used in the digital world, to help cellphones communicate, computers compute, and memories remember.

After ten years in the Electronics business, I went out on my own, participating and consulting for another twenty years in the business while transistor counts grew into the millions like Atoms in living things.

I never knew what an Electron was or how it was made but I couldn’t forget the day, when something amazing happened. In 1974, I was standing in a hallway with a fellow engineer talking about Electrons and Anti-gravity when suddenly, I saw In my mind’s eye, two single Photons of light diving together and buzzing around each other in the form of a tiny ball. I knew at once I was looking at an Electron…in a whole new way. The idea that would become Mass’querade was born.

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