Breakthrough: The Photon HAS Mass

Abstract: The Photon Has Mass: The Simple Proof 23 May 2022

©Clifford G. Arnell : 1985-2022 All Rights Reserved

Presenting Over Fifty BREAKTHROUGH Ideas About The Composition Of The Photon.©

The Photon Has Mass and The logical proof in this paper provides an elegantly simple explanation of the exact reasoning. Dr. Max Planck’s experimental deductions about his ‘Quanta’, ‘Photons’, didn’t reveal whether the ‘Quanta’ were massive. BUT, did show that Infra-red Waves were composed of individual ‘quanta’ of Electro-Magnetic energy, now called Photons, each of which can possess Energy greater than their mass alone at light speed. Doctor Planck’s experimental thermodynamics showed that each ‘Quanta of Electro-Magnetic Energy’, ie each ‘Photon’, has a precise ‘quantum energy amount. It is theorized in “Mass’querade, The Theory of Everything” that Each Energy-Bearing Photon is A Transverse Axially-Oscillating Torsion-Pendulum”, Gravitationally Propelled Like A Bubble Rising Out Of A Pool Of Water.©


When Dr. Max Planck took his measurements, ALL of the Photon Energy was attributed to its Frequency. However, his Constant, ‘h’, should be seen to include the mass of the Photon at NEAR Light Speed AND the ‘Time-Flex’* Torsion Pendulum Oscillatory Energy of the Photon. The Mass of the Photon, regardless of frequency, makes little difference. Heat Energy is ~5.0E+11 more energetic (massive) than the ‘near Light Speed’ energy of the compositional Etheric Flux lines of the Photon. We should never confuse ‘h’ with ‘F’. E=hF. The Frequency of Photons is NOT Quantized. IT IS THE REACTION OF E-M RADIATION WITH ELECTRONS WHICH RESULT IN FREQUENCY SENSITIVE INTERACTIONS… NOT PLANCK’S CONSTANT.©

Also, Dr. Planck’s formula: E=hF (in joule-seconds) Includes The Mass Of The Vertical Axis Pendulum Of The Photon Along With The ‘Time-Flex’ Energy Of Oscillation. *See Fig 2 below*. Simply, The Kinetic Energy (hF) Of The Photon is Oscillatory Energy AND Photonic Mass in Motion.© Planck’s constant ‘h’ includes the Photon mass in the final number©

The Total Effective Energy Of A 1Hz Photon Moving At ‘The Asymptotic Speed Of Light’ is:

m (the ‘mass’ of a 1Hz Photon) = E/c² = hF/c² = 7.372E-51 Kg.©

The Total Effective Enery Of A 1Ghz Photon Moving At ‘The Asymptotic Speed Of Light’ is:

(The Energy of a 1Hz Photon) 1.0E+09(The Mass Energy Of One Photon)1.0E+09 .

(This might be a great lab experiment or exercise in simultaneous equations.)

In the past, there has been no argument that ‘Light’, By definition, moves at the ‘Speed of Light’ yet Dr. Einstein proposed that Atomic Mass Can only Be Propelled To NEAR The Speed of Light. It is herein proposed that The ‘Speed of Light’ and the upper-most speed of Massive objects have the same speed limit, determined by The Density Of The Local Ether.© Light travels at the ‘Speed of Light’. The Ether provides ‘The Asymptotic Speed of Light’ for all Etheric distortions of Light, E-M Radiation, and Gravity.© The Ether is amazingly flexible and can be distorted into Wormholes connecting two points in SPACE and requiring near-zero Time to ‘fly’ between them. This is NOT time travel. Photons Can Densify Time Into “Massless Black Holes” in Electrons or Galaxies OR Decompress Time To Form Wormholes With Great ‘Light Speed.©

FIG. 2: The Whirling Ether Composing The Rim Of The Photon Is Where ‘Timeflex Kinetic Energy’ Is Found When E&M Are Zero. (see Etheric Photon Below).


James Clerk Maxwell, Professor of Experimental Physics, published by Clarendon, “A Treatise On Electricity and Magnetism”, still available for purchase, In 1873 in which he revealed that light was, in all likelihood, an Electro-Magnetic WAVE. He was right about light traveling in waves but this revelation was later miss-applied to wrongfully illustrate the Photon as a wave. Photons are NOT waves but they are what compose Electro-Magnetic Waves similar to how HO molecules compose waves of water. ‘Particles of light’ we call Photons look no more like a wave than H2O looks like a wave. But unlike H2O, NO TWO PHOTONS HAVE THE SAME FREQUENCY.©

How Does The Photon Maintain Its Speed? Professors Dr. Albert Einstein and Doctor Maxwell both concluded that the ‘Speed of Light’ was the limit that the speed of all massive objects could attain without offering a means of propulsion for the Photon which was assumed to be massless and perpetually travel at Light Speed. This caused them to miss the required explanation for ‘The Asymptotic Speed Limit Of Light’. We should be asking, “If the Photon DOES HAVE MASS, wouldn’t it coast to a stop after a few thousand light years?” and, “Why does the Photon keeps going at full ‘Light Speed’… presumably forever?” Answer: Ether applies perpetual pressure to all Photons.©

The Photon Is PROPELLED to ‘The Asymptotic Speed Of Light’ due to a ‘Temporal Bubble’ In The Center Of Every Photon.© Simply stated: There is a Gravitational void within the magnetic center of the Photon allowing it to escape the Ether. This explains Dr. Einstein’s ‘curving Photon effect’ that happens in ANY gravitational field including the massive centers of Atoms. When a Photon approaches the Sun on its passage toward Earth, the side of the Photon nearest the Sun is held back more by gravitational density than the outside edge causing the Photon to arc toward the Sun as it passes.© This ALSO explains the effect prisms have on the passage of Photons due to prism path length. The math for all this has been known for centuries and now the reason is finally explained.©

  1. The First Proof that the Photon has Mass:


Doctor Albert Einstein[1], On September 27th, 1905 Famously Published a paper titled: “Does the Inertia of a Body Depend Upon Its Energy-Content?”[2] His mathematical paper demonstrated that “mass at rest” has “Energy-Content”: E=mc², which, when accelerated, will gain kinetic energy that can act as an incremental increase in mass. Einstein’s equation (below), does not imply that the apparent increase in mass is actual ‘mass’. The additional ‘Mass’ is NOT ‘massive’ but is The Resistance By Compositional Photons That Cannot Exceed The ‘Asymptotic Speed of Light‘ that explains WHY Mass cannot exceed the ‘Speed of Light’. We see below how Dr. Einstein multiplies the rest mass by c², (mc²), as shown below, and then by a trailing multiplier. This Equation Quantifies The Effect Of Acceleration Of ‘MASS’ toward ‘The Asymptotic Speed Of Light’ But Does Not Explain It happens due to the composition of mass.©

Per Dr. Einstein: When any object’s velocity (momentum = mass*velocity) begins nearing ‘The Asymptotic Speed of Light’, ‘ac’, the square root of (v²/ac²) in the equation below approached infinity resulting in an infinite increase in mass (m) which demonstrates the impossibility of massive objects OR Photons ever exceeding the speed of light even with infinite acceleration. Asymptotes, by definition, can never be reached. Limits are part of Calculus 101.

Does the frequency of Oscillation of a Photon affect it’s mass?”

Let’s be very careful here. Only that part of the Photon that composes the Axis and the Perimeter of the Photon is massive. The Energy Possessed By The Frequency of Oscillation of the Torsion Pendulum is pure Kinetic Energy manifesting as flexations of the Ether

Sadly, Dr. Einstein did express the thought that *perhaps* ‘mass’ might be composed of photons’. He never got to see how ‘mass’ could be composed solely of Photons nor did he learn that Photon Mass would be the reason that limited the ‘Speed of Light’ OR THAT it is what limits the speed of all mass because of the Photonic composition of Mass.

‘Dr. E’ never got to view “Mass’querade”. Hoping Dr. George Zweig will get to see.

2. A SECOND ‘Logical Proof’ Of WHY The Photon Has Mass:

The Compositional Elements Of Mass Are Photons, AND Photons Must Be Massive If They Are To Pass That Characteristic To All Mass.©

This Idea Is Expounded In A Full Video: Mass’querade:The Movie published at

The Current and Classic representation of a Photon actually shows the temporal vector strength of the E-M trail presented by a travelling Photon. In ‘Reality’, Photons are now theorized as being ‘Gravitationally Propelled’ like a bubble in a pool as a Transverse-Axially-Oscillating, Torsion-Pendulum while ‘projecting’ a Twisting Electric field Line, above and below the Photon at right angles to the direction of motion of the Photon and surrounded by a closed-loop of one Oscillating Magnetic Field line, both at right angles to the direction of travel of the Photon. The Representation Below shows the instantaneous E-M trail produced by a Photon.

Energy of the Photon


The whirling Ether is where ‘Timeflex Kinetic Energy’ is found when E&M are zero.  Two Sine waves of Electric and Magnetic Energy WITH a Cosine of Timeflex Energy.©

Photon Description POS

Photons are SO MUCH MORE than E-M waves.

This List Shows Us Just How Much More There Is To The Photon.

‘©’ is used to mark every new idea about the Photon.

  1. Photon’s are composed IN THE EXACT FORM of a ‘Torsion Pendulum’.(Not A Wave.)©

  2. Photons are individual Electro-Magnetic elements, each with its own frequency.©

  3. Each Photon Acts As One Element Composing An Electro-Magnetic Wave Train.©

  4. Each Photon has, orientation, polarization, And Its Own Etheric Mass and Propulsion.©

  5. Photons And All ‘Mass’ Are limited to ‘The Asymptotic Speed Of Light’ by the Ether’.©

  6. ‘The Asymptotic Speed Of Light’ is inversely proportional to the Ether Density.©

  7. The Ether of ’empty’ Space is compressible, de-compressible, twistable and warpable.©

  8. The Ether is elastic like cubic rubber and stores energy in any distorted shape.©

  9. Distortions of the Ether manifest as Electric, Magnetic, or Gravitational properties.©

  10. Photons Twist And Torque flux-lines of the Ether which exhibit as Electro-Magnetism.©

  11. The Photon pendulum mass is comprised of ‘Two Single Flux Lines Of The Ether.©

  12. The Photon Torsion Axis is a Mid-Twisting, open-ended vector ‘line of Electric flux’.©

  13. The Photon perimeter is a single, oscillating, closed-loop, scalar ‘line of Magnetic flux’.©

  14. The Photon Electric Vector Axis as seen from the top, twists right (POS) and then left (NEG); AND, seen opposite from the bottom, twisting left (NEG) and then right (POS).©

  15. Photons, Like Solitons, Can Pass Through Each Other With No Direct Interaction.©

  16. Photons can only pass through polarizer gratings if the rotating rim aligns with the slit.©

  17. ……………………………GRAVITY AND “MASSLESS BLACK HOLES …………………………..

  18. Gravitational Fields Cause Curving Photon Motion Further Compacting The Field.©

  19. Photons traversing Ether filled with gravitational differences react by curving.©

  20. Photons Locked In Binary Orbit around a ‘Massless Black Hole’ Produce Electrons.©

  21. The ‘Massless Black Hole’ in the Electron is 1E+7 denser than the Sun.[]©

  22. Orbiting pair of Photons about a central core perpetuate a ‘Massless Black Hole’.©

  23. Photons as Gamma Rays in trinary orbit produce fractionally charged (1/3,2/3) Quarks.©

  24. …………………………………….PHOTON CHARACTERISTICS ……………………………………..

  25. Anti-gravity results from rarification of the Ether inside the outer rim of the Photon.©

  26. Photons Are Propelled by external ‘Gravitational pressure. (ie Bubbles rising in a pool.)©

  27. Photon Frequency changes with local Speed of Light changes caused by Gravitation.©

  28. Photons expand (red shift) while moving from higher to lower gravitation densities.©

  29. Photons contract (blue shift) while moving from lower to higher gravitational densities.©

  30. Photons are singly produced, autonomous, ‘Torsion Pendulums’; (Like Hail Stones.)©

  31. Multiple emission of Photon ‘Space-Time Trails’ explain Electro-Magnetic ‘waves’.©

  32. Photon Energy (hF) is carried as physical oscillations of E-M fluxlines of the Ether.©

  33. Each Photon element has the Energy-Content (E=hF) as deduced by Dr. Max Planck.©

  34. Photon Time-Flex Energy is contained in the Ether flexations of the torsion pendulum.©

  35. When E&M are both zero, ALL the Photon Energy is stored in Time-Flex motion.©

  36. ………………………….. PHOTON CREATION AND EXTINCTION ………………………………

  37. Photons radiate from an antenna with a diameter determined by the antenna length

  38. Antenna Photon emission FORMS waves composed of nearly-identical Photons.©

  39. Not all Photons formed by Electron flow within an Antenna escape as Photons.©

  40. Photons will eventually give up all of their Energy (F) due to the resistance of the Ether.©

  41. Photons Lose Frequecy (red shift), not velocity, due to the resitance of the Ether.©

  42. When All The Photons Die, Mass and Matter will cease to exist in the universe.©


Historically, the composition of the classical Physics sub-atomic particles was never completed to the chagrin of the ‘Old Physics Masters’ including Drs. Maxwell, Planck, Einstein, Murray Gel-Mann and possibly, Sir Isaac Newton. When Quantum Physics took off as the mainstream development of Physics, Photons became mere energy transfer devices and were never recognized as being the providers of the Electric, Magnetic, AND Gravitation Field FORCES AND as being the building blocks of all matter. The Photon was relegated to being a charge-less, non-magnetic entity. HOWEVER, In classic ‘matter/antimatter’ collisions, Photons, were thought to ‘pop up out of nowhere’ as ‘new Energy’, BUT, in fact, those Photons are the very Photons which composed the colliding particles! It is THOSE COMPOSITIONAL PHOTONS that are released by the collision.(Gamma Rays).© Reality is merely an illusion created with photons.

New Thought. Dr. Einstein’s Energy in his famous equation (E=mc² in joules) is a ‘Bit Of A Mystery’. It does not fit the kinetic energy equation of Newton: E=½mv² NOR the Potential Energy imparted by gravity (F=ma) to mass but still the Energy IS expressed in joules. If we make a simple algebraic manipulation of his famous equation we DO see The Obvious Classification of the Energy. Multiplying the right side of his equation by 2*½ (which is = 1), we get a new equation showing us instantly: E=2*(½mc²)© which students of physics will see is 2 bundles of KINETIC ENERGY: 2*(E=½mc²) where v²=c². ‘Mystery’ solved.

EACH OF THE TWO BUNDLES IS A VERY HIGH ENERGY PHOTON, a Gamma Ray, TWO of which have the ‘Mass-Equivalent’ Of The Energy required to provide the Mass of the Electron. (2*0.25=0.5 Million Electron Volts.). Remember: Energy of Oscillation is NOT Mass. Together, the Two Photons Contribute The Total Mass-equivalent Of The Electron With A ‘Massless Black Hole’ as ‘The Center of Gravity’ from ‘The Higgs Field’ in every particle.©

The Photon has been represented in diagrams and schematics as a multi-cycle ‘squiggle’ with an arrowhead ( ~~>) to allow progress in Quantum Physics in the same manner as Electronics used the characteristics of the Electron as a ‘black box with countable and predictable point charge’. The Photon AND the Electron have been put to use symbolically without ever knowing their composition. Now there is a New, Breakthrough ‘Theory of Everything using High-Energy Photons to make Electrons which has been published as a kickstarter project and is now located at and viewable on Both are free at [].©

The basic characteristics essential for building charged particles (as shown above) is the Photon. Photons escape an antenna when the motion of a single stack of Electrons in the antenna has reached the end.© and the diameter of the Magnetic, closed-loop scaler reaches full size and the Electric Vector of the Photon is in full twist. See “The Energy of the Photon” graphic above.

Sub-Atomic Particles are composed of High-Energy Photons; NOT waves. but as theorized in ‘Massquerade’ are “Transverse, Axially Oscillating, Torsion Pendulums, propelled like a bubble rising in a pool”. Please Notice: Nothing about this Photon resembles the usual ‘Photonic Wave’. A note in passing: The world has treated the Magnetic Force as a vector all these years. The Magnetic forces are found in nature as closed-loop SCALARS.

Waves of Photons are created and are NOT cyclically syncronized. In fact, EVERY Photon will be of a frequency that is ever so slightly different from any other Photon from an antenna. While Photons are perceived as travelling in waves, they have no interaction; unlike the bumping H2O molecules of an ocean wave. There are no self-alignment, phase or frequency alignment mechanisms in a wave of Photons unlike an organized pack of dinosaurs in a Jurassic Park Movie which ‘know’ to run together. Also, unlike the dinosaurs, Photons can occupy the exact same space without losing any of their characteristic motions, their original frequencies, polarizations, or their direction of travel.

Photons ‘perpetually’ twist back and forth on their vertical axis (The vertical line in the center of the above graphic) producing Twists in the fabric of Time-Space (the Ether) that are projected along the center axis to be sensed by the rest of the Universe as an alternating negative/positive ‘charge’ depending on the direction of rotation of the pendulum of the Photon. This on axis twisting ‘line of charge’ is what is known as a single ‘electric flux line”. Due to the Oscillation of the Electric axis, the Photon will have no DC charge and yet, it projects an AC charge and a rotating line of magneic flux that together maintain the E-M characteristics. The sinusoidally twisting Photon Electric flux shows us EXACTLY HOW the electric charge can vary in magnitude.

The strength of the twists of torsion of these ‘electric projections’ grow and shrink during each half-cycle of the Photon as it travels through space. These sinusoidally oscillating twists of flux lines are the basis of all Electric Fields. At the same time, rotating at the outer edge of the pendulum is a single line of magnetic flux. It should be noted that the axis and the edge are composed of the Ether itself.

Sub-Atomic Particles Acquire Electric Charge, Magnetism AND Mass from the Photon’s constituent characteristics as they are expressed in the Ether by the oscillating action of the compositional Photons of the particles.

Electric Charge Is Composed Of Twists In The Same Media where twisting by rotation carries the magnetic component. Gravitational Waves are Temporal Compressions Of the SAME Ether. This is UNIFICATION.© It is shown that the Electric Field lines, Magnetic loops AND Gravity are all distortions of the same media, the Ether, to produce effects that are extendable and can affect the motions of other objects and travelling Photons in the ‘physical world’.

**The Door May Be Open For Non-Massive, Non-Etheric, Non-Photonic, Mental Images Or Thoughts To Have NO Speed Limit Whatsoever!© **

**There is a corollary to the Light Speed Limit of massive particles; something Dr. Einstein NEVER mentioned: Massive Particles do have a speed limit: MASSLESS particles or entities may NOT have a speed limit! MASSLESS entities might include ‘thought’ but probably do NOT include ‘spooky’ entanglement action produced within the Ether although the speed of entanglement action has not been determined. Also, selective access to non-etheric information might always require mental effort. There might be a whole field of endeavor to create hyperspace communication if any massless entity or telepathic endeavor could be identified within the memory recall system found in our brains already. There is an obvious mismatch between the Exabytes of visual memory and the probable gigabytes of possible brain storage meaning we may only store the addresses of our memories using the synapses of our brain

For those allowed to exercise an open mind… The God of Creation could only be all knowing, saving HIM from having to roll dice, if the speed of thought is unlimited thus allowing HIM to know everything instantly and simultaneously, without limits, and faster than any quantum effect. Men are stuck with the time it takes, 15 MINUTES each way, just to talk to Mars with electromagnetic waves. Interestingly, testing may show that ‘thoughts’ happen ‘instantly’ at any distance. (Bring in Dr. Russell Targ’s “third-eye vision people” after the first man steps on Mars… or before.) ‘Issa’ saw things before they happened and perceived the thoughts of his enemies. Just imagine how quickly our minds could work together to examine scientific data without limits or biases using the help of telepathy or clairvoyance. Man needs to open his mind and heart. Although, evil thoughts and cheating lies would be detected instantly. Human minds have not been trusted with foreknowledge.. Extra Terrestrials have been credited with having non-verbal communication skills which would have allowed them to cooperate instinctively. That coupled with peace instead of war is why ‘they’ are light years ahead of us in the 6000 years since we were all created. There is a cost for our God-given freedom to do evil like in the days of Noah, or good, all the days of our lives. Which do you choose




©Clifford G. Arnell, February 2022. All Rights Reserved.

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Clifford G. Arnell, Project creator Clifford G. Arnell Project creator IC-Design Engineer, Theoretical Physicist, Inventor, Musician, Floodmud!, 'Orba-Campaigner', Home builder, Wind Charger Experimentalist, and Ex Lumber Jack. I began my ‘technical life’ in 1957 when i saw my first electronics manuals. I devoured them. I loved my science classes. I read ALL of the Science Fiction books in the library. Encyclopedias became my best friend. After High School, I attended Colorado State University over the next two years. My education was completed with a two-year electronics program paid for by the U.S. Government. After graduation, I was offered a job in research at Texas Instruments in Dallas. I built electronic breadboards for the engineers. I designed Fortran programs to predict and plot Electron flow in transistors. These programs became the tools of the trade and were used by the engineers to design some of the first ‘chips’ at TI. I knew how to use them and created better ones to use in my first Engineering job. I left TI, and was hired to do Engineering Design for another company where I designed and built the first 256 Bit memory in the world. It flew in the DC-10 flight control computer. For years I designed ‘chips’ used in the digital world, to help cellphones communicate, computers compute, and memories remember. After ten years in the Electronics business, I went out on my own, participating and consulting for another twenty years in the business while transistor counts grew into the millions like Atoms in living things. I never knew what an Electron was or how it was made but I couldn’t forget the day, when something amazing happened. In 1974, I was standing in a hallway with a fellow engineer talking about Electrons and Anti-gravity when suddenly, I saw In my mind’s eye, two single Photons of light diving together and buzzing around each other in the form of a tiny ball. I knew at once I was looking at an Electron…in a whole new way. The idea that would become Mass'querade was born.

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