Clifford G. Arnell

Clifford G. Arnell was born in Southern Colorado in 1943. As a child, the family moved quite often taking Cliff to a different school almost every year until moving to Blanca, Colorado and attending Sierra Grande for the last five years of schooling. There was no phone, no TV, no video games or computers. Cliff spent his winter times reading every sci-fi book, technical manual and yes even the Encyclopedia in the school library as sustenance for his continual quest of any kind of tech info. Things like the speed of light, the light year, space travel and space visitors, seemed as real as any Zane Grey western.

Cliff graduated Valedictorian with nimble fingers that kept him ahead of the girls in typing class. It was all good fun including the College Chemistry class that was afforded by a certain Mrs. Moore who made the class so much more than H20 and Mayonnaise. Thanks to Conrad Romero, Mister Hall was tasked with a one student Trig class to prepare Cliff for college in this nonaccredited and otherwise Class C High School. The four-year curriculum at Colorado State was interspersed with Cliff’s real interests in the University Library and the book store spending his meager income from the Dormitory dish washing job to buy Sci-fi by Isaac Asimov etal for five quarters of 1961-1963 Funds were short.

A new Manpower Development Training Act by President Kennedy would come along next with subsistence pay at just the right moment and Cliff began the one year course that included two years of Electronics courses at Southern Colorado State College in Pueblo, Colorado, Conducted by Richard Oldfield and supplemented with Physics classes, DC machines, advanced math and Mechanical drawing. At graduation, Texas Instruments came to town and almost a third of the class car-pooled to Dallas to interview. Cliff was offered a job in the Semiconductor Research and Development Laboratory working with the very first investigations into MOSFET Integrated Circuits. Books by L.J. Sevin, Dr. Robert Baird were written. Dr, Jack Kilby, Co-Inventor of the Integrated Circuit would be seen in the halls.

Cliff was involved in bread-boarding and testing and tasked and credited with using the IBM 360 computer with Fortran IV to produce the required I-V plots for illustrations in the book Mosfet in Circuit Design by Robert H. Crawford. The programs Cliff wrote were expanded to allow for actual design work including speed estimates for different size transistors and became the engineering tool for the Engineers in the group to extract the performance information about new Designs. At the end of three years, Cliff was recommended for engineering status at TI but was declined by management due to Corporate Policy.

Cliff moved back to Colorado and eventually got a call from an ex-TI Engineer, Roy Thiels, in San Diego, Calif to come and do the design of the world’s first 256 BIT Random Access memory chip in competition with TI and six months ahead of Intel’s first 256Bit RAM. Cliff succeeded and went on to design many ‘chips’ following that first ‘RAM’ doing several more Read Only Memories and a small group of Custom designs before becoming the Design and Applications manager of the group while still working as a designer.

Cliff worked in the industry from 1969 to 1976 at the closing of a digital watch company when he again moved back to Colorado to start his own Semiconductor Design and Consulting Company. He continued doing designs, ad-hoc, for a myriad of Silicon Valley companies over the next twenty years, thanks to Ben Warren and other Engineers in Texas as well. The level of complexity of Semiconductor Chips continued to double every two years making the efforts of a one-man company just a cog in the wheel of the new machines of the Semiconductor Industry.

By the end of the 1990’s, Cliff began, in earnest, to pursue his “Flash of Inspiration” and Mass’querade, the composition of the Electron, came to fruition out of the volumes of information at the touch of still nimble fingertips on the Internet and especially on Wikipedia. The availability of information was immense and was filtered to extract all the relevant proofs, stories, progress and theories, made by the people working in a myriad of different fields of Physics. Mass’querade had to explain everything.

By 2005, Mass’querade explained the composition of the Electron using TWO Photons, and Quark with THREE. Then the composition of the Photon was completed. By explaining how curving Electro-Magnetic Photons can react to and produce Gravity, Mass’querade became “The Theory of Everything” and breached the final frontier. Higgs was replaced with a “Massless Blackhole”©. Nothing was left to explain. From Massless Photons comes Mass, Magnetism, Charge, and Gravity thus the name Mass’querade. So, “Reality is merely an Illusion!”, Dr. Einstein.

Thanks to longtime friend William Holt, Cliff was able to produce an hour long documentary of the entire theory of “Mass’Querade: The Theory of Everything” that can be found on Many thanks are due to all the generous people who contributed to my many lifetime successes.

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