‘Big Bang” denied by The Complexities Of Mass


At this point, it might be entertaining to consider the AGE-OLD YET VERY un-wise paradox…

“Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg”... which is actually a perfectly non-sensical trick question because the REAL question ‘They’ should be asking is, “Which came first… the Hen or the Rooster?” Even If you have both you still have a tiny span of time in hours when a hen’s eggs can be fertilized! An egg can’t be fertilized AFTER it’s laid and you can’t have a fertilized egg without the Hen, Rooster, and an opportunity to mate. It’s clear the EGG is a product of BOTH a Hen AND Rooster and a simultaneous desire to mate.

What about the Electron and the Quark?

Which came first, TWO PERFECTLY MATCHED Photons OR the Electron? (hehe). without TWO photons of exactly the right frequency and an opportunity to entangle, You can’t have an Electron. And, before you can ever make a Hydrogen Atom, you will need THREE Quarks. The THREE QUARKS are different from each other. EACH REQUIRE the equivalent of a Left handed hen AND a RIGHT HANDED HEN And a ROOSTER THAT HAS a natural urge TO RUN from both of them due to the similar charge nature of two of them. The Neutron’s Quarks are different from the Protons. When you finally understand the composition of DNA and the Composition of the Electron, you will finally know the unsurmountable odds of over making even one atom of Hydrogen by accident. Good to remember, Quarks die if they don’t mate with other Quarks.

The mystery deepens even more when it is explained that Quarks have a very very short lifetime if they are not quickly bound into a PION, Proton, or Neutron along with two other Quarks of a different composition! Deepens INDEED because all the Quarks in the Universe had to be created nearly instantly using the precise frequencies of Photons. Big Bang theorists admit that only the first six elements in the periodic table might be produced by the Big Bang. It’s time to admit it. A Big Bang had nothing to do with the existence of Mass and Matter in the Universe. THE BIG BANG NEVER HAPPENED.

All the Quarks of the nucleus of Mass and Matter would need to be created in the first 100nSeconds or so of the Big Bang!… this tightly packed matter, slowing TIME itself to allow ALL the Quarks to last longer so as to finally find TWO OTHERS to join up while… All the time, SEPARATING AS they departed due to the force of the blast, and their OWN REPULSIVE CHARGES and *somehow*, finding TWO other quarks of the Same and thus repulsive polarity! Is it time to actually listen to what’s been ‘proposed’ about the Big Bang?

There’s more… To suppose there could be a steady source of the precise frequencies of Photons to randomly become the Quarks and Electrons locally seems even more ludicrous , and absolutely, without reservation… impossible! Spontaneous local Big Bangs? .. Please, We need to consider Creation by the Hand of God as demonstrated when 5000 people were fed from a little bit of bread, using only two hands, to be the only viable possibility for there being any Mass or Matter anywhere in the Universe. God Bless.

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